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Love Research Network website

We are happy and proud to unveil our new website hosted by the University of St Andrews. It has full bio-bibliographies of our network members, and it will grow in the future to contain pages on events, projects, papers and publications.

A big thank you to Laura Pels Ferra and Emma Shea who have given us permission to use their artwork in the design.


Eva Illouz and Simon May in conversation

Hay Philosophy Festival:
Our contributors Eva Illouz and Simon May in conversation:

Event [429]
Saturday 9 June 2012
Venue: globe Hall

Love Lost; Love Regained image
Philosophy Session
Love Lost; Love Regained

Eva Illouz, Simon May, Joanna Kavenna. Rowan Pelling chairs.

In our transient world, true love seems for many increasingly illusory. Must love be stripped of its transcendental value? Or can we fashion a new idea of love which fuses sacred and secular, rather than one which feels like an unrealisable fairytale?

Rowan Pelling asks Israeli sociologist Eva Illouz, Nietschean philosopher Simon May, and awardwinning novelist Joanna Kavenna what love means now.

Neuro-Engineering Love

Neuro-Engineering Love

Engineering love

by Brian Earp

Savulescu, J. and Sandberg, A. (2012). Love machine: Engineering lifelong romance. New Scientist, 2864, 28-29.

Essay partially adapted from Earp, B. D., Sandberg, A., and Savulescu, J. (2012). Natural selection, childrearing, and the ethics of marriage (and divorce): Building a case for the neuroenhancement of human relationships. Philosophy & Technology, forthcoming [see “profile” box in article].

Available at the New Scientist website:

There is also a PDF file for download at

Love and Reasons

Love and Reasons (Essays in Philosophy Vol. 12, Issue 1)

Issue Editor:

Constantine Sandis

Editor’s Introduction

Issue Introduction
Constantine Sandis


Love As If
John Shand

Romantic Love
Thomas H. Smith

Love and Equal Value
Roger Fjellströ