University of Lapland: Love-based Leadership research

University of Lapland: Love-based Leadership research

The partners of the consortium represent different scientific and artistic backgrounds including design research – industrial design in particular – and educational psychology, adult education, psychology, and administrative science. The common goal of this research is to enhance employees’ happiness at work by supporting their individual strengths and creating productive work communities ready for change – thus, the starting point and emphasis is on an individual. The basis of the research is mutual understanding about the central role of love in reaching for this goal. 

The partners of the consortium share a passion to understand how love lies at the core of changing work communities, innovative leadership, the principles of individuals’ vocational and human resource development, new vocational training models, and design of work communities. The interdisciplinary research group finds it fascinating to explore how love-based leadership, professional training, and design interaction can be interconnected for generating happy work communities in the North. The phenomenon will be approached through five disciplines: 1) design research, 2) educational psychology and education, 3) psychology, 4) administrative science, and 5) adult education. Therefore, the project aims at making a broad impact on the framework, practices and design of dynamic work welfare and meeting the objectives of the “Northern Wellbeing and Changing Work” and “Service Design” programs.

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