Some thoughts on Illouz and Giddens.

Sociology of Emotions

On Thursday 26 May, we have started a cycle of conferences with the title: “Taming digital technologies” in the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Valencia (Center October) (

The first presentation, ” Love and other demons in the Age of the Internet”, by Francisco Nunez, focused on some of the changes experienced by people in love during the last decades.

The image of platonic Eros, as a being that intermediates between the sensitive and the intellectual world allows us to focus on the theme of love from a sociological perspevtive, emotions in love relationships are neither just sensitve, nor intellectual but a mix. They are social emotions: Emotions are a set of mechanisms of perceptions, interpretation processes and physiological responses to certain stimuli. This means, following the ideas of E. Illouz on the topic, that emotions occupy a borderland between body and culture, they mediate within a place where body…

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