The love bargain?


Thanks to Charlotte Faircloth for flagging up an interesting newspaper article this week which reported the divorce settlement of a couple who actually divorced over ten years ago. The couple apparently continued to live together long after the divorce, until the man, now in his 70s, met someone else and invited her and her daughter to move in with him. What happened next I think most people would find surprising: The man asked his ex-wife to stay on in the house taking on the role of a ‘housekeeper’. The ex-wife reportedly found this situation “very demeaning and upsetting”, hence the divorce settlement, in which, after the judge ruled in her favour, she was awarded approximately half her ex-husband’s fortune. A not to be sniffed at £6 million.
I’m not really sure where to begin with this one. With such few details I am hesitant to make too much of it, and it’s…

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