Ina Schaum’s dissertation project: Doing Being Jewish, German and in Love: Love Relationships of Young Jewish Adults in Germany.

I am an ELES research fellow (PhD scholarship holder of Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk), based at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main and work on my dissertation project A Biographical Study of Young Jewish Adults’ Experiences of Love and Intimate Relationships in Post National Socialist Germany. The focus of my PhD project is the development of a feminist theory of love relationships as sites where identities, belongings and differences are (de)constructed and negotiated – and particularly in Germany’s post-National Socialist society.

I am a sociologist based at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. My academic interests lie in the fields of biographical research, Jewish-German studies, feminist love studies, feminist theory and intersectional approaches to social inequality and constructions of belonging. I studied Sociology, Political Science and Comparative Religious Sciences in Frankfurt. I deepened my academic expertise by completing an internship and research stay at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

In my work, I use qualitative methodological approaches, especially biographical-narrative interviews and (auto-) ethnographic methods. I consider it an important part of my research to examine how emotions shape research interactions, my analytic process and writing process. 

Moreover, I work on a research ethics approach that addresses my positioning as a researcher, especially as a non-Jewish researcher in Germany, where the individual, familial and social involvement with National Socialism does not allow a position of uninvolvedness. In my writing, I seek to develop creative methods of representation that address the inequalities and epistemic violences reproduced in knowledge production.

I am founder of the research initiative “Love, Emotions, and Intimacies” at Goethe University ( 

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