New Member: Christina Straub

Christina Straub is a PhD student in Criminology/Sociology at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom

As a contribution to the effects and pains of imprisonment literature, Christina´s PhD examines one influencing variable in the lives of prisoners serving long sentences in English prisons: the absence and presence of love. Exploring themes of deprivation vs nurturance,dysfunction vs resilience, sickness vs health, her research also endeavours to provide a broader insight and understanding of the role of love as human virtue and human need in human development. As part of her theoretical groundwork, she has conducted a multi-disciplinary concept analysis, reviewing and comparing literature from the fields of sociology, neurosciences, psychology and moral philosophy on the topic of love within a social-ecological framework.


Ultimately, her research wants to raise a few critical questions: Should love matter in the set-up and experience of prison? If so, why or why not? What is at stake, if we leave love as essential human need out of consideration when designing and running state institutions such as (but not limited to) prisons?

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