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LGBT ‘Communities’ and the (Self-)regulation and Shaping of Intimacy Eleanor Formby…/10.1177/1360780420974031

Reclaiming the Second Phase of Life? Intersectionality, Empowerment and Respectability in Midlife Romance Sarah Milton, Kaveri Qureshi…/10.1177/1360780420974690

Discordant Expectations of Global Intimacy: Desire and Inequality in Commercial Surrogacy Kristen E Cheney…/10.1177/1360780420984169

Traditional Inequalities and Inequalities of Tradition: Gender, Weddings, and Whiteness Julia Carter…/10.1177/1360780421990021

Does Love Always Come Before Marriage?

William Jankowiak & Alex Nelson

Arranged marriages and love marriages are sometimes seen as cultural opposites, but it’s far more complicated. Anthropology shows how love and marriage are entwined in many different ways.

Dr Deborah Bailey-Rodriguez:
Covid-19: love in lockdown – podcast | Science | The Guardian

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