New member of the network

Please welcome the newest member of the Love Research Network:
Paulina Sabugal has a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from the University of Pisa.
She works as Teaching Assistant at Pisa University and collaborates with the European University Institute and the Historical Archives of the European Union in the framework of its educational programme organised in collaboration with FMA, the Former Member Association of the European Parliament. Her PhD project was on love and migration, specifically, the case of Mexican women who migrate to Italy because they fell in love with Italians. The axis of her work was studying love as a social category. In her research, bicultural couples became a kind of micro laboratory that allows to explore and to discuss dynamics of exclusion, discrimination, racism and integration in the context of the migration phenomenon. At the same time, this case study has allowed her to consider the cultural practices that are maintained and the ones that are lost during the migration process, besides discussing modern love and the market of affections in a globalized world through marriage, family, sexuality and gender roles. Over the years, she has investigated these questions on fieldwork in Italy, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. Areas of Interest: Migration Studies, Identity and belonging, cultural representations and signifying practices, narrative research, ethnographic methods, love and society, gender and mobility.

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