New network member: Jordi Roca Girona

Jordi Roca Girona is Full Professor of Social Anthropology at the Rovira i Virgili University of Tarragona (Spain). 

Since 2003 he has been teaching a pioneering subject in the Spanish university on “Sex, Gender and Love” in bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate courses. 

His research focuses on gender, sexuality, and love studies, as well as on methodological issues and practices related to biographical memory, and ethnography. During the last 15 years he has directed 6 research projects on love migration and binational couples, conducting fieldwork in Ukraine, Mexico, and Brazil. 

In 1993 he obtained the National Prize for Anthropology (Research Prize on Popular Arts and Traditions “Marqués de Lozoya”), awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the Spanish Government, for his doctoral research published afterwards under the title “De la pureza a la maternidad”, Ministerio de Cultura, 1996. His last two books are: “Rethinking Romantic Love” (with B. Enguix), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015 and “Amores lejanos” (with M. Allué), Bellaterra, 2016. 

He has carried out research and teaching collaboration stays at various European, North American, and Latin American universities: in Mexico (UNAM, Iberoamericana, Ciesas, Quintana Roo), Brazil (Campinas, UF Rio de Janeiro, UF Rio Grande do Norte) and other countries (Berkeley, -USA-, ISCTE (Lisbon) and UTAD (Vila-real) -Portugal-, Pereira -Colombia-, amongst other).

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